Sunshine Fund

The mission of the TCGSL Sunshine Fund is to first and foremost support league members that are dealing with adverse circumstances. Examples of this support include donating money to a player who was recovering from a brain hemmorage surgery and his family was struggling with bills, sending flowers to the hospital when coaches or players have been dealing with major illness, sending flowers to funerals of players that have passed away.  These types of donations are done on a case by case basis, upon request of a team. Part of the reason the fund was created was because we had three players all pass away after battles with cancer, many of whom struggled with bills and had their teams looking for help to fundraise.

The second part of the Sunshine Fund's mission is to support local non-profit organizations that provide services beneficial to our league membership. Examples of this would include donations to the MN AIDS Walk.  These types donations must be requested by a league member and supported by two additional members, with an explanation of how the organization supports our league membership.  Donations will not be made to any partisan or political group.


For Sunshine Fund requests, please contact Tommy Reyes at

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