Free Agent Registration

Free Agent Registration is now self service. Use the link below to add yourself to the list, and answer all the questions as accurately as possible. This will help teams that match your ability and are looking for players to contact you. Please be as truthful as possible when assessing your abilities... the TCGSL has a place for everyone regardless of ability level. Overstating your ability level may lead to a poor experience. 

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Add yourself to the Free Agent List and answer all the questions to assess your skills
  2. Teams that are looking for players that match your level will contact you
  3. Once you have been picked up by a team, go to Player Registration and register for the team you were picked up by
  4. Delete yourself from the list (Right click on the row you are on and select "delete row")

Click Here to go to the Free Agent List

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